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 Marijuana, weed, app, uber, technologyWidgits For Weed


Technology is great isn’t it.  I remember back in the day if I wanted a bag of weed I had to do it the old fashioned way.  I had to find a seedy drug dealer type (aka one of my friends), call them, wait for them to show up on time (2 hours late), and then hope against hope it’s as good or better than the last stuff you got.  Well less than 15 years later that seems like the stone ages.

With Marijuana legalized for recreational purposes in the state of Washington on June 1st and going into effect by July 1st things are moving quickly in the world of retail pot.  Last Thursday at the annual Tech Crunch Disrupt convention a new power player in the pot playground emerged, in marijuana delivery service Canary.  


Marijuana, weed, app, uber, technology

According to Business Insider the app which is developed by students at the University of Washington:

Has yet to launch, however. Tullis and Vakharia are taking their time with the startup to ensure Canary operates legally. The service operates only as a middleman between registered dispensaries in Seattle and Denver and customers.

To use Canary, users first have to verify that they’re legally able to buy marijuana by sending a picture of their ID or their medical marijuana card to Canary. Once verified, users can select from a huge variety of strains from Canary’s dispensaries and producers. Contingent upon state laws, Canary users can purchase quantities in grams to ounces.

Current federal regulations may limit customers to paying with cash initially, but Canary has plans to extend to mobile payment options, allowing users to pay with Venmo, PayPal and credit cards in the future. Once users pick a delivery location, a Canary-verified courier delivers the goods within the hour. Canary charges an extra 10 to 25% off the base price for delivery, and then gives a portion to the courier, according to GeekWire.

Canary plans to launch by the end of July for medical marijuana dispensaries. In addition, Washington is planning to open recreational marijuana retail stores in July, where anyone 21 or older can buy marijuana. The college students also plan to expand Canary to Colorado, where recreational marijuana storefronts have been open since January.


Many are dubbing the app the “Uber of Marijuana”, we’ll see if it takes off the way the taxi cab alternative has, you can sign up for it HERE.   With new huge developments in the legal marijuana world happening nearly every day stay tuned to to see what’s happening next.


Spencer @sjeezs