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Just when we got used to using the cactus emoji…

Listen up all you Emoji fans out there. A ton of new Emojis will be available for your use quite soon. Emojis help us better express ourselves when we often don’t have the right words to say. A nonprofit organization called the Unicode Consortium regulates the coding standards for Emojis. The Unicode 7.0 software update will be available for Apple, Google, and Microsoft, & will be adding 250 new Emojis to the Emojipedia character list.


The most talked about new emoji added is the “middle finger.” Other new emojis of the 250 include a newspaper, a golfer, and admission tickets. It’s up to your phone provider to allow the new emoji software to be put on your phone right away, as there are many emojis still in the process of being colored and edited, but you can check out a preview of what they’ll look like on the Unicode website here.


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