It’s Bang Em Smurf’s time to shed some light on the situation


It’s been a few weeks since Hot 97’s Summer Jam where Slowbucks was robbed of his chain during 50 Cent’s set. We’ve heard several sides of the story, including Slowbucks himself. But now G-Unit affiliate-turned-foe Bang Em Smurf has put in his two cents.


“He got robbed,” Bang Em Smurf told Mikey T The Movie Star. “What the fuck was he doing on G-Unit stage for anyways?”

Smurf claims that Slowbucks has ran around with a bunch of other cliques before and, in turn, has caused some drama for him. He also speaks on his involvement with G-Unit and Shadyville in their early stages. Listen to the full interview here.

Tony Centeno (@_tonyMC)