The Official DJ for the 7 E’s 4 Power Tour is Committed To Public Safety and Empowering Young Citizens With The Tools To Succeed

Recently we caught up with DJ Bam Bam, one of the most talented, professional, hardest working DJ’s in New York City.  His commitment to his craft and love for the safety of communities citywide make him #1 in the game.  He is the official DJ for the Hip-Hop Against Gun & Gang Violence Project’s 7 E’s 4 Power Tour, which is sponsored by the Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council, Power 105.1, the Source Magazine, Metro PCS, Microsoft, “The Shark” Daymond John, and a host of elected officials including Governor Andrew Cuomo, the NYS Senate, the NYS Assembly, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, the NYC Council, Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano, and Suffolk County Executive Steven Bellone.

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We have seen a lot of DJ’s throughout the years and Bam Bam is truly a rising star, with an overselling love to help young citizens acquire the skills and resources to achieve their personal, educational and business goals.  His team is tight and the price is right.



Where were you born and now reside?

A— I was born in SouthSide Jamaica, Queens.  Baisley to be exact, I been residing here ever since I was born.

How old are you?

A— I’m Currently 21 Soon to be 22 in August so I’m still a youngin’ lol.

When and how did you get started in the Music industry?

A— I began to gain an interest for the music industry ever since I was about 13-14 years old.  I started trying to produce music in my room and make beats for up and coming artists but things changed as soon as I attended high school because everyone was a so called producer at the time or a so called rapper so I just wanted to be different and be in my own lane.

Tell us the projects you are working on?

A— The current projects I am working on at this very moment is finishing my first Mixtape EP called “Reign”.  It’s a collaborative album featuring up and coming artists in Queens such as Frames, Deezy Finesse, St. Lou, RiQ, Tysa Rose, Ozzy Oz Da Vyrus, like the list goes on.  It’s a real classic Hip-Hop New York Album.  And I am also teaching DJ classes at youth centers with Taylor-Made Productions all through the 5 boroughs.

Who is down with your crew?

A— My crew is called Club Bully DJ’s and my team consists of 8 DJ’s aside from myself and that is DJ Jay-Money, DJ Hell Rell, DJ Big B, DJ Madic , DJ Iriee G, DJ Suave The General, DJ Kid Phenomenal and DJ J-Smoove, and my promoters $crillz and Trey.  We all are family and we are the forefront of our generation of young up and coming DJ’s.

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Which artists or executives inspired you to get in the game?

A— This is a tough one but I would have to say DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Marley Marl, DJ Clark Kent, or even local DJ’s Such as DJ Preme, Grandmaster Vic, like just watching them work and perform just inspired me to continue keeping this art alive in my generation.

Who is hot in the game right now?

A— I would have to say in my opinion lyrically I haven’t heard anyone better than Drake or Kendrick Lamar but if I had to choose between the two I would go with Kendrick any day.

Who do you think has an outstanding future?

A— Kendrick Lamar to me is the leader of the new school and he is creating a lane just for himself, not just with hip-hop but also with his personal decisions such as not smoking or drinking and things of that nature which are the complete opposite of what is being rapped about in today’s music so I will say he has the best future for our culture moving forward.

Who is the “Quiet Storm” that everyone is sleeping on in the game?

A— A lot of people are sleeping on numerous artists but one I would have to say that does not get much credit is J. Cole.  That man is a beast lyrically and some artists fail to realize that but trust me sooner or later they will.

What are your goals in the entertainment industry and in your personal life?

A— I have many goals but my most important goal in this industry is to continue be one of the youngest most influential leaders of my generation in this culture of hip-hop.  I wanna inspire younger youths and tell them that whatever their dreams are they can achieve it.  I want to be that positive role model wherever I go that kids can look up to and say if he can do it I can do it.  There is no such thing as impossible, you control your destiny.

How hard is it to make it in the game today?

A— It is very hard to make it in this industry.  Especially with everyone just thinking it’s easy to be a Rapper or a DJ.  My Generation simply thinks this is easy and don’t want to put in the time or the hard work nor dedication to this art.  I don’t think people understand the passion and love I have for this culture but everything takes time in the industry.

Do you have any advice for those looking to succeed in the music industry?

A— Continue to work extremely hard.  If this is what you really want to do dedicate yourself to your craft.  Also with our generation social media has become a big movement so use this to your advantage and promote yourself, promote your music, there are lots of people out there looking.  You just have to make your name known and relevant and also pray and count your blessings as God continues to bless you on your journey.

We have a serious problem in America, every day on average 140 people are treated for a gun assault in an emergency room, 86 die from gun shots, and 8 children and teens under the age of 20 are killed by guns.  So, what are your thoughts about the senseless murders that take place in our communities?

A— I feel the war on gun violence is one of the biggest ongoing wars within our nation and it is killing our young generation.  Let’s not only look at the people we lost to gun violence in New York but look at Chicago, look at Detroit, look at Philadelphia.  Gun violence has extremely gotten out of hand and we as a nation need to take a stand against this.

You are the official DJ for the Hip-Hop Against Gun & Gang Violence Project, why are you supporting the initiative?

A— I am a true supporter of this project because I want to help come with solutions to end this gun violence crisis and show kids the true essence of hip-hop and other alternatives to just hanging out on the corner, fighting and joining gangs.  Kids need a role model and I want to be that role model who they can look up to.  Just because you are from a certain environment does not mean you have to become a product of it.

Are you involved with any other projects that address the needs of the youth and community?

A— I work with local youth centers such as the P.A.L and YMCA helping kids stay off the streets and out of trouble with DJ programs, Games and Basketball Tournaments.


How does someone get in touch with you if they want to know more about your company or your many projects?

A— They can reach me on any social media site my facebook website is and my website is which is being updated.

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Posted by Charles and Randy Fisher (Twitter @HHSYC).