#Stopsnitching, that’s it Brah!!! Funk-Flex-DJ-Envy

Apparently Funkmaster Flex doesn’t take to cease and desist letters very well. In response to years of Flex and others at Hot 97 making slanderous remarks and jokes about Power 105’s DJ Envy, a cease and desist letter was sent over to Flex. And you guessed it, Flex went off.  If you’re a music fan or have been alive and well on this earth for the past ten years, then you’re more than aware of the competition between NYC’s Hot 97 and Power 105 . It seems that just after Angie Martinez took her talents to Hot 97’s rival station, things heated up even more between the DJ’s. Flex took to Instagram to let Envy know how he really felt and of course, Envy responded. Since then all posts have been removed but take a look at the exchange that took place between the two.