Brian (Founder of Refinement)Final 4:

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1. If you were invited to the KimYe wedding, what would you wear and what gift would you give the newly wed couple?

I would wear a plain black tuxedo, similar to the one Kanye had on. It wouldn’t be right to draw attention away from them on their special day so my outfit would be simple and low-key. As far as a gift goes – I’d either tie it to something one of a kind (art perhaps) or an experience of some type. Toys and material things, no matter their price tag, tend to get old really fast.


2. What are you looking forward to most in the summer? Concerts? It’s not Winter?

Events and concerts for sure. The internet is great but there’s nothing better then building flesh and blood relationships out in the real world. We’ll actually be throwing a top secret Refinement event out in New York City this summer with some big names and sponsors. Stay tuned!

3. Favorite song to put on a BBQ playlist.

G-Unit, Jeremiah, Party Next Door, Drake, anything TDE. Some Bronsoliño too.

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4. Seth Rogen recently spoke before Congress about Alzheimer’s Disease awareness. If you had your soapbox for a day with Congress, what cause or topic would you speak on?

If the issue was serious enough where it would warrant the attention of Congress, chances are I’m not the only one being effected by it. In light of that, I would take it to the people directly involved – not an intermediary. Things can get lost in translation that way.