“And As I start this crazy life that I done chose, I know I’ll lose a couple friends…”

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The latest addition to Meek Mill‘s ever-growing label, Mike Davis is here with a new, previously unreleased track titled, “The Life I Chose.” In addition to the brand new record, we also have everything you may need to know about the Long Island emcee. Thankfully, Davis sat with us to explain the life he chose as well as his real-life dream chasing.


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Below you can find out how Mike Davis went from meeting Meek Mill on his Birthday in Club Blast to eventually signing with one of today’s most successful crews, Dream Chasers Records.

Mike Davis is deeply rooted in pretty much all that has to do with Hip-Hop, from being the nephew of Keith Shocklee from Public Enemy to his close association with Hip-Hop legend, Doug E. Fresh. However, neither nepotism nor connections brought his success, hard work did.

“It all started from the inspiration from my uncle Keith — Keith Shocklee from Public Enemy. He made “Fight The Power” and through time, I did the music and just wanted to try it out. This is back in 8th grade – going hard with it. I met up with one of my friends named Kaleem, his father is Dee Wiz. So, from there, they both felt that I could really do this. So I was working with them, recording on their pro tools, in their studio back in Long Island. Dee Wiz is Doug E. Fresh’s DJ. So Kaleem brought me around Doug E.’s son and I worked with them for a while. Then in the winter of 2012, we just started going crazy. From that I had signed to Square Off Music and I was doing records and meeting up with other producers such as Mally the Martian, who later introduced me to Fabolous, obviously.”

That meeting with Fabolous would soon lead up to the making of “Foreigners” featuring both Meek Mill and Mike Davis on The Soul Tape 3.

“With the “Foreigners” record, I had my producer, CT, and we work hard together. So we gave Fab the “Foreigners” record with the beat and the hook there and he took it – put it on The Soul Tape 3. From there, he told me he was going to get Meek on it. I had opened up for Meek a year before the record opportunity was presented with Trips N Slim on the “Dreamchasers 2″ tour back in 2013. The track was called “F**ked Up.” When I did the tour with them, it opened Meek’s eyes to my talent. Then from there, me doing the record with Fabolous and him hitting up Meek sparked it even more.”

That spark led to Flames.

“So then, I signed with Meek along with Square Off. It’s a joint venture: Square Off Music x Dreamchasers – That’s my label situation. And I’ve just been flowing ever since.”


“It was a good grind, it was a tough grind. I had conversations with people like Doug E. Fresh to learn the game more and learn what’s really going on. The hard work that my uncle Keith would put in me, like always telling me to go harder than I was going; I would make records… but then as soon as I make a record, make another record because you can’t fall in love with the just one. Keep making them. Like, you have to love your craft more than the song you just made. You have to be able to keep making these records.”


“Consistency is Key and it always will be!”

Jamaal Fisher (@jamaalfisher)