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The internet is buzzing with questions on what really happened last night at Detroit Summer Jamz 17 hosted by HOT 107.5FM.

Well, “scared for his life”, Rick Ross, who is the latest member of Trick Trick’s “No Fly Zone” list, did not touch the Summer Jamz stage last night after being met with resistance from the Good Squad and Trick Trick.


Now, let’s back the story up. Trick Trick, is attributed with making Detroit a “No Fly Zone” which means that any artist who does not support Detroit, collaborate with local artists or add on the music culture are not welcomed.

HOT 107.5 Program Director Jay Hicks announced on stage around midnight, that Rick Ross “is in fear of his life”, and “and that n*gga is not performing here tonight and he may never come back to Detroit.”

Allegedly, Styles P, Young Berg and Trick Daddy are already familiar with the policy and have been sent for by Trick Trick, but apparently Rick Ross didn’t know how serious things were until being met by 100 people outside of Chene Park late Saturday night. Fans were outraged and were quickly escorted out of the venue, abruptly ending an otherwise uneventful and peaceful show. 

The full video is below:

Read the lyrics from Trick Trick’s verse on “No Fly Zone“:

“Now we gotta make offers that these bitch ass niggas can’t refuse
See, these niggas think they can buy respect
They never even earned respect
They never learned respect
So from here on out, Detroit is officially a no fly zone
You heard it, all these bitch ass niggas
Don’t come to this motherfucker without permission
Please don’t make me have to demonstrate
It’s not about attention
It’s about the seriousness of what you bitch ass niggas think is a fucking joke
Y’all wanna play? I’m not fucking playing, man
I’m not fucking playing, man, okay”

Trick Trick’s latest project, Godfather pt.3 is due out this year.

Those who actually had “clearance” to perform in Detroit last night met the Summer Jamz stage with welcomed arms. Those artists include Icewear Vezzo, B.O.B., A$AP Ferg, Boldy JamesRico Love, Scarface and Sevyn Streeter