Get your barf bags and adult diapers ready.

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As if Kingda Ka and Nitro weren’t enough to make you want to crap your pants, Six Flags has now opened a triple record-breaking roller coaster that’s sure to test your intestinal fortitude. “Goliath” is the tallest, steepest and fastest wooden roller coaster, boasting a vomit inducing 180-foot drop, with a nearly vertical 85 degree decline reaching speeds of up to 72 miles per hour. The ride lasts about 1 minute and 15 seconds, starting with the stomach-twisting, terrifying, record breaking drop.


Goliath was set to open May 31, but was set back about half a month due to the inclement weather conditions of this past winter. The monster coaster officially opened last Thursday.

While skeptics would normally shriek at the thought of a roller coaster this size being made of wood, the Rocky Mountain Construction company guarantee it’s some of their best work. Implementing a track system they invented in 2008, owner Fred Grubb and Rocky Mountain built the wooden structure, replacing upper layers of laminated wood with steel to fortify the roller coaster. “We keep building them bigger, faster, better, and more exciting,” Grubb told the Journal Sentinel.

The Goliath has already began to amass rave reviews. “It’s absolutely incredible,” explained 29-year-old roller coaster enthusiast Scott Schaffer. “I’m talking butter smooth. It’s so smooth that it makes soap feel like sandpaper.” A reviewer for Chicago also raved about the Goliath saying, “Forget rickety hills and whiplash turns — Goliath is a wooden coaster for the modern age, taking advantage of recent technological advances to provide one of the smoothest rides we’ve ever experienced.”

Check out a vertigo-inducing POV video of Goliath below — and let us know if you’re brave enough to take the ride on Twitter and Facebook.

-Khari Clarke (@KINGCLARKEIII)