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Skye shows fans a new side, as she transitions from teen pop sensation to adulthood.

We’ve seen Wiz, Diddy and even Kendrick document their life for the world to see. Now, 18-year old Brooklyn native, Justine Skye follows suit and has released the first installment of her new V-Log series.


Recently, she created her own remix to Ty Dolla $ign’s “Or Nah” and also gives Chris Brown’s “Loyal” a female twist. Skye hasn’t let the fame get to her, and tries to maintain a regular lifestyle by showing love to her fans in some of the biggest ways possible.

The most appealing characteristic of Justine is this- she’s honest. From opening up about her relationship with her father, on “Goodbye Now” or uploading her
beginnings of dance on her Instagram account, she’s not afraid to share her life with the world, comforting her fan base and showing them that she’s just like them.

Whether she’s clearing her mind in LA or holding it down at home in New York, Skye is authentic with her work and creates a intersection between soul and street, driving with promise to be a household name. She takes raw to another level by creating a new series of Vlogs, filming her dance practices and voice rehearsals. Her overall is plan is to keep her “purple unicorns” updated and informed on her day to day.

Watch her first V-Log below and make sure to leave your thoughts below.