Luis Suarez has been accused yet again of biting another player as the Uruguayan striker clashed with Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini.  This is the third time Suarez is being accused of the terrible act, he has two prior suspensions.

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As the two clashed Suarez clearly takes a bite out of Chiellini.  They both hit the ground appearing to be in agony.  Chiellini then got up and pulled his shirt down to show the bite mark on his shoulder.  Suarez was not ejected or given any penalties.



A minute later a corner kick was awarded to Uruguay.  Diego Godin scored the only goal of the game giving Uruguay the 1-0 win and moving them to the Knockout Round.

Italy will now miss the Knockout Round in consecutive World Cups for the first time since 1962-1966.

As for Suarez punishment is sure to come and we may not see him for the rest of the games no matter how far Uruguay goes.

– Shaina Auxilly (@Shay_Marie)

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