METROPCS Hosts A Grand Opening BBQ With The 7 E’s 4 Power Tour Created To Provide Jobs And Help End Gun & Gang Violence

In an all out effort to reduce gun and gang violence during the hot summer months the Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council has partnered with metroPCS and Power 105.1, with support from the Source Magazine, Microsoft, “The Shark” Daymond John, DJ Bam Bam and many others to host the 7 E’s 4 Power Tour to further support the Grand Opening of a metroPCS store on Staten Island.  This public/private partnership is the first step towards reaching out to local businesses to help improve public safety.  Not only are we talking about metroPCS’s support for the project, but there will also be job opportunities, quality phones, and discounts on merchandise and services.  It is important that we work with socially responsible companies that are willing to use their resources to help reduce gun and gang violence in our schools, homes and communities and that is what this partnership is all about.

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When we first met with Albert he told us that he would be willing to use his stores and influence with metroPCS to keep our communities safe and through this imitative we are in a unique position to achieve that goal as we approach another long hot violent summer, a period when gun violence spiker.  Most corporations are only about the profit but Mr. Benjamin has shown and proven that he is truly committed to helping those living in poor and disadvantaged communities improve social, political and economic conditions in their neighborhood.  It’s rare to meet a business owner who puts people before profit.


We applaud Mr. Benjamin and metroPCS for stepping up to the plate to stop the violence on Staten Island and other crime-infested communities because crime is on the rise in our city, and in NYCHA developments by 31% over the last five years in comparison to the rest of the city at 3.3%.  With government resources on the slide the only way we are going to empower our young citizens is through the help of business and community leaders like Albert Benjamin who care enough to put people before profit.  Early this week we caught up with Albert and this is what he had to say.

Q–Tell me, what inspired you to open a store in this neighborhood? 

I feel very strongly that Bay Street is a wonderful place to do business with great people living in the neighborhood.  I felt that it would be a great place to open my metroPCS store and provide great wireless service at a very low price.

Q–Do you have others?  

Yes, I currently have a few metroPCS stores in other great Staten Island neighborhoods.

Q–What is your history and/or experience in this industry? 

I used to run and operate a lot of cell phone stores for almost all the carriers that are currently out there today until I opened my own business and I have over 20 years of experience in the wireless industry.

Q–Why should the public buy your product?  

We sell high end and affordable cell phones as well as affordable cell phones and affordable monthly plans to fit everyone’s budget without signing any long-term contracts or credit checks and I feel that metroPCS is the best wireless provider for your money with great nationwide 4G coverage.

Q–Are you going to be active in the community and if so How? 

I will do my best to get involved in most of the local neighborhood events, joint civic groups and be an active force in the community, with a focus on empowering our youth with the tools to be successful in life.

Q–We heard you have a huge area next to the store—what are your plans for the space?

We will coordinate all kinds of events and activities with the Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council, schools, housing developments and local groups to address gun and gang violence, education, substance abuse and employment.  This would be our way of giving back to the community as much as we can.

Q–How can we end Gun & Gang Violence in the community?  

By educating all of our young people about the dangers and risks of using guns, drugs and being involved in a gang.

Q–Are any jobs available for local community residents?  

We always hire local people from the community to do all kinds of promotional and sales work for us.

Q–What are your store hours?  

Monday thru Saturday 10AM to 8PM; Sunday 10AM to 6PM.

Q–Any special offers or promotions for the Grand Opening?  

New customers who buy one phone get one phone free as well as a free Bluetooth headset with every new activation.

Q–Any advice for our youth and young adults who are looking to start their own business? 

First and foremost finish school and if possible go to college and get a good education.  Don’t let anyone put you down—always work hard and follow your dreams.  You can always get a job you don’t like and succeed or fail, so you might as well take a chance on doing something you really love first and chances are you will be good and successful at it.

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Posted by Charles and Randy Fisher (Twitter @HHSYC).

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