The star of one of the most popular shows of this year, Orange is the New Black, snagged the newest cover of Allure Magazine. The 29 year old actress Taylor Schilling, better known as Pieper to us OITNB fans, graced the cover of the magazine with a “glamorous but contemporary” look as described by the magazine. According to the Allure, Pieper, our favorite one time drug money runner, was a last minute dream role after Schilling’s Argo role got cut from the blockbuster film. She told the magazine the importance of having a diverse cast.

“When we walk down the street, we see a huge variety of women, and that’s just not usually reflected in entertainment—and yet this show does that.”

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The magazine throws a subtle shot at the Kardashians, saying Schilling is “the un-Kardashian—a woman known simply for her work.” She explains her thoughts on the artifical aspect of today’s entertainment.

 “I don’t feel bound by my face or my body. I don’t feel like that’s the biggest gift I have to offer the world. I feel like there are more parts of me to offer than that.”

Photographer credit: Carter Smith


Sidnee Michelle