You’s a god.”

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Atlanta’s renowned visual artist, Jack Stillz, returns strong with his second photo project, JESUS.
After finding time to capture the blossoming music scene in Atlanta, Stillz reveals a new layer to his art by disclosing his perception on one of the biggest figures of all time, Jesus. Avoiding the commonplace of who this historical figure really is, Jack Stillz reveals the message “that Jesus is embodied in all of us; no one form or face represents that“. By communicating this message, Stillz made it certain to use two different subjects in two different scenes to symbolize the matter.

“I have lived in an American paradigm where the likeness of Jesus has only represented one shade and race of people. Coming from a house where we never went to church or choosing a religion was never forced upon me, it’s been easier to question that likeness. Am I trying to change the world’s view of what the higher power looks like? No, not at all. I do wish to paint (through my eyes and camera) a picture of Jesus that is representative of my beliefs.”

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-Nicole Scarlett