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Showtime comes out with a new documentary about teens that airs July 10th.

This documentary, ‘Kidnapped for Christ’ which is produced by Lance Bass focuses on young teens who were forced to be sent to a camp in the Dominican Republic just because they seemed to be “troubled”. This camp-like boarding school has stirred up a lot of controversy. It is supposed to be a Christian behavior modification program where the young teens are supposed to be reeducated.


Filmmaker, Kate Logan was able to spend a summer on campus and speak to some of the teens and see what it’s really like at this camp that they’ve been forced to go to. While there, Kate speaks to some of the teens and asks them about their story. She meets David who is 17 years old and was sent to the program shortly after he came out to his parents. She also met a 16-year-old, Tai from Boston who was experimenting with drugs, and was sent to the camp.

After speaking to these kids and seeing that this camp is no good, and is down right cruel, especially after hearing about rumors of physical abuse, Logan is determined to help one child escape from this nightmare of a program.

The documentary has been awarded the Audience Award for Best Documentary Feature at the 2014 SlamDance Film Festival, and also named the Special Jury Award Winner at the 2014 Nashville Film Festival. The film was also executive produced by Mike C. Manning and Tom DeSanto.

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