If you recall, earlier this month, R. Kelly’s daughter, Jaya, came out as a transgender boy. Of course the public raged with questions and concerns, hoping and waiting for a rise out of the R&B singer.

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Jaya, who is now known as Jay, expressed that her mother (Andrea Kelly of Vh1’s Hollywood Exes) embraced her change whole heartedly, fully aware of her child’s transition; R.Kelly on the other hand was just made aware of this change within the last three months.

In a recent video interview with R. Kelly, it seems as if the singer did not want to entertain or speak too much about the subject, especially considering he’s making a conscious effort  to keep his family life private, while still supporting his children’s decisions.


You don’t really wanna open it up by saying my daughter is becoming my son,…… Don’t even give the blogs that kind of credit. You know what I’m saying? Real talk….. Always believe what you see, with your own eyes. That’s the best way to go about this business.

Watch the interview below:


-Nicole Scarlett.

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