SoundCloud Focuses On Listening Experience With New iPhone App Revamp

As an avid user of SoundCloud, I found this news quite interesting.  SoundCloud has revamped their iPhone app  making it easier to use and more visually pleasing for users.  Why update only for mobile devices? Technological advances have been skyrocketing in business for the past couple of years, consumers want things fast and at their leisure. Companies realize that more people are using on-the-go applications on their mobile devices, therefore SoundCloud has found an innovative way to make using their application easier for listening.

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SoundCloud racks up roughly 250 million streams and listens a month.  One major change that was made was the inability to record and upload audio. Developers at SoundCloud decided to focus more on the listening experience of the app.

Now, consumers don’t need to create a SoundCloud account to listen and stream trending music. In addition, a feed of music is created from artists you follow, friends and trending music that is easily accessible and the artwork for audio is bigger.  Similar to using SoundCloud online, people can now access their personal playlists and songs they’ve liked in the palm of their hand. Lastly, the search feature will allow you to find your favorite podcasts, music and more.



I usually use SoundCloud on my Mac laptop because the app was limited in features I often use, but developers have made the using SoundCloud app more customizable, easy, convenient,  and visually entertaining for users.


Erica Rhoden– @Eri_Rho