His Bank of America account got six figures

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Actually, it could have more than that. Chris Miles is a 15-year-old rapper that is most notably famous for his “America’s Got Talent” audition tape. In the video Chris viciously attacks a beat for a minute and a half. One word, bars. The video went viral when it first came out when Chris was just 13. Two years later, the rapper has over 12,000 followers on Facebook and Twitter and continues to be successful with his YouTube videos. According to TMZ, Chris’ deal includes a $182,500 advance for the first (up to) five albums that he will release. If everything runs smoothly and Chris’ albums do well of course, the deal can earn the rapper up to $1.5 Million, plus royalties after five albums. Watch the video that made him famous here.



Deniqua really likes YG’s line, “My Bank of America account got six figures” and that’s why its her dec. You can still find her on Twitter (@__hennystraight).