Ja Rule bashes 50 cent in his new book

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Rapper Ja Rule, whose real name is Jeffery Atkins, did not hold back his tongue speaking about the 14-year-old feud with 50 Cent aka Curtis Jackson in his new book “Unruly: The Highs and Lows of Being a Man,” which will be out next Tuesday.


Ja Rule notes in his new book that in 2000, during a peace summit in Atlanta, things did not go well…peacefully.  

“50 tried to swing on me, but I dipped, then I hit him with the baby Louisville Slugger,” says Ja Rule, who came armed with a baseball bat – according to the Daily News. “Bam! I dropped the bat. I pulled the shirt over his head. I started catching him left, right, uppercut.”

According to the Queens rapper, 50 Cent and his crew fled the scene shortly right after.

However, that same year, Ja recalls a recording studio attack at the Hit Factory in NYC against 50 Cent —the same year 50 was stabbed.

I hit him with the crutch. We proceeded to whip his ass. I was putting in my work. 50 was crunched in the corner. I slammed the big Tannoy speaker down on him.

-Ja Rule

In 2011, Ja and 50 squashed their beef, but Ja claims the reason for their dispute was due to his success, “50 was a crazed man on a mission to destroy me.”

Stay tuned for Ja Rule’s

reality show “Follow the Rules” which will take place at his home with his wife and their three kids.


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