Last night’s NBA draft was one for the books. Filled with intense emotion from players to fans, the gamut of talent inside the Barclays was overall one of the best we’ve seen in recent years. Last night was filled with various headlines from “Jabari Vs. Wiggins”, “The Canadian Uprising” to even the inevitable “Embiid’s Tweet” were just a few  that added to the overall hype of the prestigious night. But don’t get it twisted, it didn’t stop there. The story that rocked the basketball world involving Isaiah Austin who was diagnosed with a rare cancer, managed to have a silver lining. Isaiah Austin was acknowledged by commissioner Adam Silver(classy move Silv) which showed the overall community of the NBA.

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The amount of shake-ups last night between teams trading picks, to 1st rounders falling to the 2nd round made this night special for fans and had the basketball world wishing the night didn’t end. From New York breds getting a hometown favorite to the good ol’ “out of the blue” European, this is what the draft is about. The element of surprise. Nonetheless, the Source team was in full effect at the Draft, so to get a better idea of how the night went you can check some photos below.

james young


Marcus Smart
tyler ennis (1)
payne laugh

Andrew Somuah(@Drewtheabstract)