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Yes, there is such a thing as over representing New York.

Buckshot is pretty adamant on his stance about New York rappers over representing New York, as if there is such a thing. He sat down with  and was asked  his opinion on popular Brooklyn hip-hop including artists like Troy Ave. Buckshot did not call out any particular rappers but he did feel as if some rappers should keep repping NY to a minimum.

I don’t really mention any names…Some people say they represent New York. Okay you represent New York, but when certain people keep saying “New York, New York, New York” all the time that just becomes a little bit aggravating after a while. You don’t gotta keep saying it all the time. Some people just overdo it.

Buck does endorse one young BK crew and that’s Pro Era. Buck teamed up with Pro Era’s Joey Bada$$ and CJ Fly for the track, “Flute” featured on  Buckshot and P Money’s new collaborative album BackPack Travels. Buck appreciates the crew’s love and appreciation for hip-hop that preceded them.


When we got that opportunity to work with Pro Era it was only a pleasure. There’s certain things you’re just amazed at, because they are so dope as individuals. And those are the type of people that give props to artists of the 90’s. To me, that’s special because I’ve always given props to the artists before me like the Big Daddy Kanes, the Slick Ricks, and the KRS-Ones. I like people that’s like that. Some people just don’t care, and they’ll tell you.


Deniqua is really watching the 2014 BET Awards and is highly distracted. She’s probably tweeting from Twitter right now (@__hennystraight).