You go girl… beauty and brains

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We knew how proud Eminem was of his daughter Hailie through his songs, but now she gave him something to be even more proud about… a High School Diploma.


The 18-year-old beauty achieved Summa Cum Laude at Chippewa Valley High School in Clinton, Michigan—which is the highest honors given to students who achieve a 3.9 or above Grade Point Average.

According to the Daily News, Hailie was asked by the school’s website to name her most important, influences.

She said: “My mother and father are because they have pushed me to be the person I am and have given me all the support to achieve what I have.”

On the website, she also indicated that she is going to Michigan State University and her career choices were in “psychology” or becoming an “entrepreneur.”

The Macomb Daily News reported that Eminem, 41, watched on from inside the school because “he didn’t want to cause a scene.”  Very smart idea Em because the attention would have turned on him instead of the graduates.

One parent said, “He [Eminem] opened the door and looked out like, ‘that’s my daughter!’ He just looked like a proud father.”

Hailie won the Academic Excellence Award, and is listed as a member of the National Honor Society, Art Club, Key Club, volleyball and student council. She was also named homecoming queen of the Clinton Township, Mich., school last year October.


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