We got a chance to sit with the founder of The Richburg Group, Rosa Armstrong as she talks about her upbringing, her Good F Celebrity Football Tournament, and so much more. 

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Describe your upbringing. How did you start The Richburg Group? What would be your advice to girls that want to start in the business?

Rosa Armstrong: I’m from Brooklyn, I’m from Bed-Stuy. I’ve always been enterprising entrepreneurial. Even as a girl, I would have lemonade stands I would be selling things that my mom would throw out. It was something that was natural to me. My parents weren’t entrepreneurs. My mother was a therapist and my father was a correctional officer so it was kind of something that I came into my own. My advice for young girls that want to get into the business, I think it’s very important to be headstrong and have morals & principles. This may sound cliche but I believe in the saying if you stand for something and always believe in yourself.


What was the inspiration behind “The Good F” Female Football Tournament?

R.A.: The inspiration behind “The Good F” is my cousin passed away 10 years ago. She was my best friend and she was 27 years old and she had cervical cancer. I came from a long line of women who suffered from cervical cancer and she was one of the women who passed. I always wanted to do something to raise for cancer awareness for young girls, young woman, and young people. Everyone thinks that cancer is your grandparents disease and it’s practically infecting our age group. The football tournament came about because there are so many walks for something. There’s a walk for breast cancer, there’s a walk for AIDS, and there’s a walk for lupus. How many walks can we do? We’re youthful & vibrant, I wanted to do something fun and it was definitely something different.

What made you reach out to Kaylin Garcia and JuJu to be part of the tournament?

R.A.: A lot of the girls, I chose them myself. They are very influential in this group and this day & time. I wanted to pick out girls out who are not only influential but they could get the word out. I know that JuJu someone close to JuJu who suffered from cancer. I knew that she would have a personal connection to it.

Do you plan taking the tournament outside of NY and making it worldwide?

R.A.: Right now, I want to my focus making this tournament a success but it would be ideal to make it worldwide that would be amazing if I could put it together. But this is my first event, I just want this event to have a good turn out.

How could people help or volunteer for the tournament?

R.A.: We’re looking for volunteers for our next event and they could go to our website www.thegoodf.com if they have any questions about the event.

Besides the tournament. Do you have other fundraisers in the works?

R.A.: Well, what happens is The Richburg Group is a fundraiser organization and we like to give back to the community. There would be another fund raiser coming in March 2015.

You can also follow her on social media at Twitter & Instagram at @thegoodf. The tournament takes place on Sunday, August 24, 2014 between 1-6 pm in Brooklyn. If you want to read more about the tournament, you could check it out here.

-Matia (@ms_hip_hop)