There are two episodes left until the epic season finale

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Last week on the hit show, Devious Maids, Nicholas reveals a shocking secret to Marisol while in a pill induced haze. After an unknown fall Rosie decides that she will save Kenneth; Zoila does the unthinkable and makes Genevieve face her mother against her own will. While this is going on Valentina looks for help from Remi, asking him to help Ethan and Spence receives some bad news making him do the unthinkable by drinking away his problems. Rosie discovers that Reggie has been lying to her about his uncle Kenneth’s fall and that he forges notes for his wife to divorce Kenneth.

This week; Spence still continues to drink as it affects his job and Ethan tries to borrow some money from his friend so he could get out of town. Zolia and her husband Pablo picks up Valentina from the police precinct, while she still doesn’t give details about why she got arrested. While at lunch, Rosie shows both Carmen & Marisol the necklace that Reggie brought for her and insists that he is embezzling money from Kenneth. Adrien is getting down to the truth about Tony and he meets up with with a woman that he used to work for claiming that he was a chef and scammed her out of $80,000.


Marisol is determined to get to the truth about what happened to Nicholas and Dahilia. Opal pulls a gun out on Marisol as she tries to kill her and Ethan walks in. As he walks in, he goes to the bookshelf and pulls out money that Nicholas saved for him. He tells his mom that he is going away for awhile, but he didn’t go into details about why he has to leave. He finally confesses that it was his mom who killed Dahlia and he witnessed it when he was a child. Marisol calls 911 to report the killing. But just as she was reporting it, Opal takes her gun and commits suicide in front of her.

Tune in next week to see what happens next with the maids

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