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T-Boz knows she can take Rihanna down in a fight

Yikes, but not really because we love R&B/Pop “beef.”  About a month ago T-Boz came at Rihanna for showing much more than desirable for some.  Of course, bad gayl RiRi almost immediately fired back with a Twitter pic of a  topless TLC. Rihanna proved her point while calling T-boz a hypocrite.  However, when TMZ caught up with T-Boz, she was far from camera shy.

“I’m a grown ass woman…You wanna holla at me, it ain’t hard. It ain’t hard, not at all and you know what I mean.”

T-Boz insisted that she wasn’t a hater and when a TMZ spoke about Rihanna possibly playing Aaliyah in her biopic she congratulated the singer and admitted that she likes her music. Check out the full video here.



Deniqua watched the 2014 BET Awards and now her Sunday is complete. You can find her on Twitter (@__hennystraight).