There’s a thin line between love & gunshots

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Last week on the hit show, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta it was all about sex, lies, and threesomes as Joseline keep growing suspicions over Stevie’s fidelity. Kirk and Rasheeda work out the issues in their marriage. Kalenna reveal to Karlie Redd that she was also into women as she grew feelings for her best friend Ashley but wishes that she could have relationship between the three of them. Ariane & Nikko finally face off as she questions him about his relationship with Mimi. Althea reveals a deep dark secret to Benzino that makes him not wanting to believe it. Just as things gets worse, Benzino receives the news that his mother passed away. This week; it is all about love, lies, and gunshots as one couple plan to walk down the aisle while another couple wants to get the truth over a lie that might be possibility true. Her Source breakdown the moments from this episode that made us shake our heads at some of them but at the same time made us laugh.

1. Benzino gets shot


While attending his mother’s funeral, Benzino gets shot while standing next to her casket. He ends up in the hospital, where Stevie and Althea stood by his side. (We send our condolences to him and his family. It’s noting like a bond between mother & son). 

2. Scrappy tries to make it up to Bambi

While out with Kirk and Joc, he came up with the idea to make things right for him and Bambi. Instead of buying her the typical car & jewelry, Scrappy buys her a puppy, which we all know are very irresistible. (Ladies, here’s a tip never fall for the oakey doke).

3. Karlie Redd tells Joseline about Althea & Stevie

While working out, Karlie Redd tells Joseline about Althea and how she messes with the men of Atlanta. Instead of keeping things to herself, Karlie tells Joseline that Stevie was one of the men that Althea was messing with. (Ladies, always remember two wrongs don’t make a right and it is not classy for us to talk about each other).

4. Rasheeda’s mother Shirleen invents a new party

While at brunch, Rasheeda’s mother Shirleen suggests to Kirk that he should throw an apology to make sure that things are right between him & Rasheeda. This was one of the most funniest moments ever on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. (Hey, instead of throwing a birthday, engagement and even divorce let’s just throw an apology party).

5. Nikko shows Mimi the trailer to their sex tape

Nikko is determined to be on good terms with Mimi, he comes by her house with roses and the trailer of the sex tape. While looking at the trailer, it leaves her speechless which is not a good feeling. (Here’s a tip to Mimi, this is one person that you need to cut off altogether and he is no good for you).

6. Tammy and Waka wants to make things official between them

Waka suggests to Tammy that he wanted a small wedding because he was still affected by the death of his brother Kayo. I guess great minds do think alike because she also suggested the same thing. But here’s a catch, he wants to get married in a courtroom and she tells him that she is going to think about it. (Tammy and Waka make a cute couple).

Tune in next week to see the craziness and madness

-Matia (@ms_hip_hop)