There’s been a lot of criticism about Johnny Manziel’s hard partying but he already made it clear that he’s not going to change for anybody and he wasn’t lying.

This past weekend everyone was in LA for the BET awards.  Justin Bieber decided to keep the party going by having a shindig at his house last night.  Among the guests were Floyd Mayweather, Tyga, Tyrese, Chantel Jeffries and Mr. Manziel himself.

According to TMZ Sports the Beverly Hills PD was called to Bieber’s condo complex early Tuesday morning by someone complaining about loud music.  The cops spoke to someone at the residence and then left after the music was turned down.  Unfortunately they had to return because someone complained about the packs of young girls (Beliebers) who were screaming and making noise in front of Justin’s house.

– Shaina Auxilly (@Shay_Marie)