Rih back.

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Prior to 2013, it had been 4 years since Rihanna went an entire calendar year without dropping an album. Her 4 consecutive years of releasing chart-topping albums solidified her as one of the biggest pop stars on the planet, and a more-than-considerable force to be reckoned with in the realm of pop culture, where Rihanna is one of the most notable figures in America.

Her last album, Unapologetic, spawned the highly successful and international Diamonds World Tour, and garnered her several Grammy nominations, which allowed Rih to take 2013 off to become the new face of Balmain and shoot enough photo shoots for magazines–clothed and unclothed–to make a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model jealous.


Today, Rihanna announced via a Twitter picture that she’s returning to the studio, with the hashtag #R8, which may or may not be the title of her upcoming album. It would make sense. This upcoming LP would be Rihanna’s 8th, and there’s a really clever comparison she could draw between herself and the Audi R8, one of the more desirable cars in the business.