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Robin Thicke has taken his very personal battle with his wife, Paula Patton, from whom he’s separated as of February of this year, and made it a very public affair. Amid rumors of infidelity, Thicke has gone on what’s become a “Take Me Back, Paula” tour, that began in Virginia earlier this year when he publicly asked his wife to forgive him on stage, and has stopped momentarily at Interscope Records, where his new album, Paula, was released today. The lead single…wait for it…”Get Her Back”, now has a music video, and Thicke performed his new single, “Forever Love”, on the BET Awards.

Today, in some sick, twisted, hilarious PR move, Robin Thicke held a Twitter Q&A session, in which everyone asked him about what he does in his spare time, what was his thought behind recording his new album, and his preference in white wine, because that’s what the whole world wants to ask Robin Thicke in the rare chance they have to communicate with him.




These are some of the milder examples, just head to your Twitter search bar and enter #AskThicke for a good post-work laugh.