sat down with the sci-fi author about his literary debut

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Tell us a little about the synopsis of your book “The Supreme Human Being.”

IM: ” The Supreme Human Being” as a novel is all about teaching reality while using art in a literary sense to make the truth more tolerable. The book is about the evolution of energy and how energy evolves into material the same way chemicals evolve into thought, the right thought evolves into sperm, and sperm evolves into blood, bone, and fleshly human beings. None of this is theoretical religious dogma. This is pure science ! 


What was your inspiration for writing the book?

IM: My inspiration for writing ” The Supreme Human Being” was to show people their own power. The average human uses less than 10 percent of their brain’s potential but through certain practices and lifestyle changes we can unlock the other 90 percent that’s been asleep in us for thousands of years.
What is the unique selling proposition of the book? What makes “The Supreme Human Being” different from other science fiction novels?

IM: My selling proposition is higher learning and what makes ” The Supreme Human Being” different from other sci-fi is the fact that I offer my real life as proof of the principles I assert in the story. It’s important the reader’s know I’m currently serving a life sentence in prison so that when I come out from under it, they’ll know how I did it.

What are the lessons that one can take away from reading “The Supreme Human Being?”

IM: The number 1 lesson I want people to take from this story is there is no such thing as being so far down that you can never get back up again.

What books can we look forward to seeing by you in the future?

IM: People can look forward to seeing ” The Supreme Human Being Part 2″ , and also non-fiction titles such as ” The real reasons men cheat on women” and ” The positive side of lust and fornication.” These things are coming soon.

Where can one purchase the book?

IM: Here is the link for Apple iBooks and Amazon:


Do you have any final words for our readers?

IM: Always put God 1st threw him all things are possible. Read the book, enjoy it, and pass it on to a loved one

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)