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 Lost without her

Earlier this year, Robin Thicke and Paula Patton announced that they were separating, after being together for over 20 years. Since the separation was announced Thicke has been begging for his wifes forgiveness, releasing numerous songs about her, and if that isn’t enough, he even dedicated an entire album to her – Paula.


“The album is exactly what happens when you lose the love of your life and you trying to figure it out in your head. ‘How am I gonna get through it all.’”

Poor Robin.. do you think Paula should take him back?  The two have known each other since high school.

Yesterday, Robin Thicke sat down with Ebro, Rosenberg in the Hot 97 Morning Show, and cleared up alot of  speculation.

“I’m a man and I messed up and I had to lie for a while and then I stopped lying. That was actually good for me because I was tired of lying so this whole album is me revealing everything.”

The R&B singer went on to say that he had not seen his wife in four months. However, he is doing everything in his power to become a better man.

And I’ve always been the kinda person who wants to admit his faults so I can improve as a human being. So it’s like being an alcoholic. You gotta first be able to say, ‘I got problems.’ So this album is dedicated to her, but half it is about my problems and me getting certain things together so I can be the kinda man I wanted to be.

Robin also revealed that cheating was not the only or main reason him and Paula were separated.

“We’re apart because we just couldn’t be together anymore, for a while. There’s a hundred different reasons. There isn’t just one. There’s a long list. I changed and I got a little too selfish, too greedy, too full of myself,”

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