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Simpin Love Don’t Pay The Bills

Almost exactly a year ago  Robin Thicke had the biggest radio song of all time (in terms of radio audience), propelled by one of the most memorable videos in a long while with “Blurred Line” ft Pharrell & TI; he parlayed that momentum into a number one record, with Blurred Lines the album selling 177k copies in it’s first week.  Yesterday Robin Thicke released his new record Paula, an album named after his estranged wife, led by the single “Get Her Back” .  The song which is dedicated to Paula Patton and has an accompanying video that has drawn criticsm for being creepy, and stalker like, has peaked so far at only 36 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip Hop charts.


All that being said, per industry source HitsDailyDouble these are the first week numbers for the upcoming week which also sees the debut of fellow R&B crooner Trey Songz new album Trigga

Trey Songz (Atlantic) 85-95k
Seether(Bicycle Music/Concord) 35-40k
Magic! (Latium/RCA) 27-32k
Robin Thicke (Star Trak/Interscope) 20-25k

With all the obvious signs that the album may not have been on track to do as well last years release for Thicke information given, it seems almost obvious that a disappointing first week was impending, but 20-25k first week fam? Really?  Talk about an epic fall from grace, we’re legitimately having trouble coming up with any kind of context for such a drop in sales, especially considering the closeness in time.

Props to Trey though, HDD reports can be underestimated, so him doing 100k+ first week seems very plausible, not as much as his last album Chapter V (which did 135k) nonetheless still very solid.


We’ll keep you updated on the final numbers when they are released.  Let us know what you think of Thicke’s epic fall from grace on Facebook & Twitter.
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