Lakers strike first.

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Carmelo Anthony is currently on tour. He isn’t picking up a microphone every night, but so far this week he’s been flown across the country to take meetings with the Chicago Bulls, Houston Rockets, Dallas Mavericks and Los Angeles Lakers, who are all attempting to land the unrestricted free agent after he opted out of the final year of his lucrative New York Knicks contract. Those that believe Melo values winning an NBA title over signing on the dotted line of a beastly contract are under the impression that it behooves Anthony to take his talents elsewhere, considering the Knicks’ lack of draft picks and reliable core pieces moving forward, and the pieces already in place on other formidable teams, such as the Bulls, who already have two top 20 players in their starting 5–one of whom has won an NBA MVP award–or the Rockets, who boast two of the game’s brightest stars and an extremely talented palette of role players.

The Los Angeles Lakers however, have also come up as possible suitors for Melo, and it isn’t just the media saying that anymore. ESPN is reporting that the Lakers are about to offer Melo a max deal, worth 95 million dollars over 4 years. So, for almost $100 million, Melo has the opportunity to play alongside 5-time NBA champion Kobe Bryant, and 2-time champ Pau Gasol–who most certainly won’t continue to consider signing with the Oklahoma City Thunder should the Lakers close this deal–in an attempt to win his first NBA championship.


Chances are Melo will weigh offers from all the formidable suitors as they come in before he makes his decision, whether he choose to leave the Knicks or re-sign with the team, which is under new management from–ironically–Phil Jackson and Derek Fisher, the two main architects of every one of Kobe’s 5 championship runs. Time will tell.