Her Source got the chance to chat with actress Aeriel Miranda as she dishes on her show Pretty Little Liars, her love for Whitney Houston, and new show Marisa Falls.

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On Tuesday’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, your character Shana ends up getting killed, is this the end of Shana?


Aeriel Miranda: You know what truthfully it’s Pretty Little Liars and a lot of people were asking me if I was A and it appears that I was. Anything could happen within a matter of seconds so at the moment it’s not much that I could say about the character. It’s not really the end of my character.

Congratulations on your new show, Jennifer Falls how did you get cast for the show?

A.M.: I had a bunch of auditions. I’ve been taking it up a notch lately. On the show, I play Marisa who plays basketball. Although I like doing tv, I would like transition into movies. The casting director of the show called me and they told that they were looking for an African American actress that could play basketball. I have a lot of experience playing basketball I played back in high school. The casting director love me and that’s how I got on the show. I shot my first scene with Missi Pyle and I had a blast working with her. This show, I am able to do something something different.

Are your characters Shana & Marisa similar to you?

A.M.: I think what happens with both shows with casting when I went out for Shana, and when I went out I brought me to both characters on the table. Shana and Marisa are arrogant and I could get arrogant at times. It’s still early in my career to hone my craft.

What is your beauty regime?

A.M.: My regime is a lifestyle. I became a vegan since the start of 2014. Since becoming a vegan, it has done wonders to my hair & skin. I exercise a lot and also do a lot of hot yoga. I like to keep my & skin really natural.

What is your dream movie role?

A.M.: The one role that I would love to do is to play Whitney Houston. I am a big of Whitney Houston when it comes to her music and also who she was as a person. I had this ideal to play her. I had the opportunity to audition for the movie and doing that was a big opportunity for me that I would never forget.

Who inspired you to act?

A.M.: It’s weird because my nanna introduced me to a lot of Disney movies, where there was a lot of singing. If I could connect with anybody it would be be Lucille Ball because not only was she was funny but she had her own tv show. She was an icon for women everywhere and she inspired me to act.

Make sure that you check her out on the TV Land series Jennifer Falls every Wednesday at 10:30 pm. You could also follow her on social media on Twitter at @AerielMiranda and on Instagram at @aerielmiranda

-Matia (@ms_hip_hop)