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Before we get anywhere with this post, some bottles need to be popped and congratulations should be given to the California singer/producer/occasional rapper, Sunni Colón, for being signed to Roc Nation Management.

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And to help celebrate the news, Sunni released a new demo track on his Soundcloud on the 1st of the month. As usual, it’s self produced and he provides the vocals himself as well. The funk on this track makes me confident that if it came out about 15 years ago, roller rinks would have had a longer run into the 21st century. Don’t try too hard to decipher the lyrics as Sunni admitted in an email that he’s been listening to a lot of Radiohead lately. And again, as usual, the demo ends rather abruptly. So let’s all pray to our respective gods that this move to Roc Nation will give him the resources to mix/master and fully record his future work sooner than later.

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Bryan Hahn should be forgiven for the delay on this post. He’s been doing a lot. Just look at how bare his Twitter is as a result (@notupstate).