YG calls out producers on a recent freestyle

DJ Mustard has a definitely created a name for himself and a pretty large fan base. At the young age of 24, his success is immeasurable. His sound and hit records have been continuously topping charts but his work has definitely been replicated or at least tried to be. Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” is probably the most current and most obvious takes on the sound and Bompton’s YG felt he needed to address this on a freestyle for Tim Westwood:

“And DJ Mustard, that nigga producers they jocking/ “Fancy,” don’t it sound like he produced that shit?”

YG raps over a “0 to 100” instrumental taking shots not only at the “Fancy” beat makers, The Arcade and The Invisible Men but imitators in general.  Yes, Mustard’s sound derives from both the classic Bay Area style and Atlanta’s snap movement but its pretty hard to determine if the hit song is an exact replica or if the producers simply used the same sources. Watch the full freestyle here and skip to the 0:58 mark to hear YG drop the Mustard line.

Deniqua is all the way turned down on this fourth of July and hopes this freestyle will help you turn up. You can still find her on Twitter (@__hennystraight) searching for packs of all red skittles.