Like you seen him twirl, then he drop?

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You’ve seen the Vines, memes, tweets, instagram posts and if by now you haven’t seen the music video for “Hot N*gga” on YouTube, consider yourself “out of the loop”. Lately buzz has been growing rapidly about the #shmoneydance,which originated from the “Hot N*gga” visual, and the young men behind it all reside in East Flatbush, Brooklyn. Not only did they gain their popularity over the internet with over 800,000 views; real recognized real when we came across a video via Meek Mill’s Instagram, which included the same character-filled teens performing with him at King Of Diamonds in Miami, Florida last night. The song and the dance is quite catchy, but after seeing videos of last night’s stage performnace, it’s evident Bobby Shmurda  has some other significant moves up his sleeve.

UPDATE: GS9–Bobby Shmurda’s crew, which includes “Shmoney Dance” rapper Rowdy Rebel–has released an official vlog chronicling the events of Friday night, which you can watch below.


But wait a second, Skip to 5:00. Like you seen him twirl then he drop?

Asada dosen’t know how to #shmoneydance but she encourages people to try @SadaBlu