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Rest in peace Mac Dre, I’ma do it for the Bay

Mac Dre was a rapper full of life, charisma and personality at the time of his death but his party-hard lifestyle and slick punchlines live on forever through his music.


Infamously known for his association with members of the Romper Room crew, responsible for a string of robberies throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, Dre often rapped about the hardships of growing up on the streets of Vallejo.

Just the same, the Thizz Nation rapper glorified the club scene and promoted enjoying life.

Today is what would have been Mac Dre’s 44th birthday and since he’s been referenced so much lately (i.e. “Act Right” by Yo Gotti, “The Motto” by Drake, “Thug Cry” by Rick Ross), we’ve hand-selected five Mac Dre songs you should know.

1. “Thizzle Dance” – Featured on Dre’s Thizzelle Washington album, the “Thizzle Dance” offers a step by step breakdown of a dance associated with the late rapper’s drug of choice, ecstasy, or “thizz” as he called it.

2. “Feeling Myself” – Once the party is going and you’re turnt up, Mac Dre would say you’re “feeling yourself.” A party anthem for sure, Dre also shares some clever, and bold, pick up lines.

3. “Boss Tycoon” – Dre flexes the finer things in life, riding around in a Benz and calling himself boss. A perfect song for letting the top back on a nice summer day.

4. “Get Stupid” – When you want to let go of your inhibitions and have a good time, listen to this track and “get it crackin like the Mardi Gras.”

5. “Too Hard 4 The Radio” – Though Mac Dre never received much radio play, he called it early on in his career with this track.

Erika Benton-Martin loves all things west coast and is highly anticipating the release of Tha Carter V. She’s on Twitter – @leftcoast_rika