We can all agree the sport-chic trend is truly the wave for the season. It’s not only comfortable but it still has a feminine appeal when worn correctly. Now we’re not saying wear leggings daily, but mash it up with a cute jersey and change the game a bit. In this case Wildfang has you covered, well half way for their latest pieces of tops. When pulling of the “Tomboy Chic” look, a crop top doesn’t hurt a soul!

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THE ASTER TOMBOY CROPPED HOODIE, her source vices, tomboy chic, fashion,

We’re all over the Aster Tomboy Cropped Hoodie. The mixture of street wear and femininity  make for the perfect piece. The hoodie is grey with a touch of flowers and peacock feathers; and of course cropped! It retails for $60 USD and you can cop it here.


-Tatiana R. Johnson (@TatianaTot)