Graf king from Queens loses his life on a Brooklyn subway track this weekend

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Jason Wulf, 42, was found dead on the tracks of the 25th street station in Sunset Park, Brooklyn just before 10pm. Wulf was electrocuted by the third rail, sources told the New York Post.
A source said Wulf, who was found alone, was headed home from from Brooklyn to his home in Queens whom he shared with his fiancée and their dog.
A pal said Jason was possibly “tagging” at the time of his death. The street artist had been painting subway cars and buildings since 1985. Many of his followers blogged about the artist talent, some comparing his art to some of the art seen in upscale art institutions. Jason, founder of the New Wave Crew (NWC) was remembered for having “dope” canvasses and pieces.
Arrested 13 times since 2008, Wulf’s artistic creativity was punished almost as often as it was praised. He repeatedly was in trouble with the law for spray­ painting, including this part February for criminal mischief, graffiti and trespassing. Due to the uncertainty of the incident, MTA said it will investigate the death.
In the subway station where he died, friends promptly began to show admiration to their graffiti artist friend by staining his tag initials ­ “DG”
Additional cops were dispatched Friday to keep the artists from defacing the subway station, but that didn’t stop the taggers, who dispersed to other stations painting Wulf’s tag, some of his tags were also seen on mailboxes.
A wake for the artist will be held at Seneca Chapels followed by a funeral service at St. Matthias Church in Ridgewood, Queens, on Monday. His friends raised $10,000 online in one day to pay for the funeral. Wulf’s casket suitably will be white so it can be decorated with art from other graffiti artist, according to an online posting by pals.

-Sara D.(@evolaras)