It’s. About. To Go. DOWN

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Espn analyst Chris Brousard is reporting that the Houston Rockets have offered NBA Power Forward Chris Bosh a max contract for four years at $96 million.

Today speculation has been thrown into overdrive that Lebron James is heavily considering leaving The Miami Heat for his previous team, The Clevland Cavaliers who seemingly offer a much younger more future focused lineup than them boyz from Biscane Bay.  Many had assumed that nearly every high profile free agent was seemingly waiting on what the King’s decision would be, before they made their moves however ESPN is reporting that


a conversation with James about his future in Miami this past weekend created enough doubt for Bosh to begin considering his other options, including Houston’s offer, a source said. The source said Bosh did not know whether or not James was staying in Miami.

What makes this scenario even more interesting is that even before this new broke ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith – the same man that risked his reputation to tell fans that Lebro James , Dwyane Wade & Chris Bosh would with a certainty being joining Miami Heat four summers ago- layed out a scenario in which, if Chris Bosh were to leave the Miami Heat (likely for Houston) that would free up a great deal of cap room leaving an obvious spot for Carmelo Anthony.

With these recent developments this MEGA scenario seems more and more likely.  Other questions still looming is what become of Dwyane Wade, who last week opted out of his existing contract with The Heat, a move that seemed almost counter intuitive from a business standpoint.


Update:  Bleacher Report is reporting The Miami Heat have signed Power Forward Josh McRoberts for a midlevel 4 year 32$ million contract, a move that seems to further imply Bosh might be on the way out.

This situation is obviously still developing , we will keep you updated.


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