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When it was revealed that Bishop Nehru and the infamous DOOM were working together last year, there was an audible moment of bliss heard throughout forums around the internet. However, besides for a few interviews and a short behind the scenes look at the duo, nothing from their actual project had been heard. It was beginning to sound like one of Doom’s many nefarious plots to grip the interest and then to dash them on his way to the bank. Thankfully, it looks like this assumptions was entirely incorrect, as the two deliver in the best way possible.

In their debut video, “Darkness”, the young Spring Valley upstart, Nehru, handles the emceeing; touching on real life topics that show age has nothing to do with maturity. Social ills are incredibly juxtaposed against superficial cultural icons, as he attempts to bring his listeners out of the darkness. DOOM’s production is reminscent of his earlier Operation Doomsday album; low-fi snares skip dangerously off beat, as an obscure, barely processed sample looms in the background.  Finally together, this video shows that the internet was justified in being as excited about their upcoming album.


Just Jimi @Nativejimi