MMG is having one of those days; it seems literally everything that is pointing towards an implosion of some kind. After Meek Mill opened up about a potential rift between himself and WaleFat Trel seems to be the target of the next round of twitter shots being thrown.

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Miss V, a woman who had been with Fat Trel, took to the social media site to air out some of the problems brewing in the background. Apparently, she is pregnant with the emcee’s child. Trel is reluctant to believe that this is true and has refused to take a DNA test to confirm his status. V went on to question his status as a thug and talk about the fact that he is plagued by the demons of his past life. She even tweeted his address and threatened his life, it has gotten pretty dark in many regards.

To make things worse, Miss V is now in the midst of a war of words with Fat Trel’s first baby mother. Claims of thirst are being thrown at both, with each revealing tales of infidelity. Unfortunately, a young child is in the middle of this entire ordeal.


We have no idea whether everything she claims is true, but this is definitely not a good look for Fat Trel. You can check out the tweets below.