New York has legalized Medical Marijuana in order to help patients in need.

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New York has officially legalized medical marijuana and joins the 22 states who have already signed the law into action. Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the law yesterday, and held a ceremony to highlight the state’s milestone.

Yesterday we reported that Washington State issued their first retail marijuana licenses and announced that the first stores will open on Wednesday, price-points starting around $25 per gram. While not making the same giant step as Washington or Colorado, New York has implemented a restricted program to help those only in serious need of the drug.


The program is set to start in 18 months and patients with diseases such as cancer, epilepsy and HIV/AIDS will qualify for a non-smokeable version of the euphoric plant. New York officials say the drug will be ingested through a vaporizer or oil base.

By providing a non-smokeable version, Governor Cuomo believes that the drug will not get into the wrong hands, and will be used only be those who are authorized.

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