Desperate times call for desperate measures

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A 20-year-old woman thrust a stroller carrying her 7-month-old daughter from an uptown 1 train onto the platform of Columbus Circle while she continued riding the train on Monday.

This could be an unfortunate cry for help from young 20-year-old mother, Frankea Dabbs.


Prior to that incident, Dabbs was twice arrested for prostitution, battled mental health afflictions, got kicked out of her home, witnessed the murder of her daughter’s father (a few months ago) during a robbery at the couple’s home in Clinton, N.C, while hiding under her bed, and now she wants to live in the dark.

Lawanna Edmonds, Dabbs Aunt, said Frankea’s Stepfather kicked her out of their house because she preferred turning off the lights and live in the dark.

“Stuff is wrong with Frankea’s mind,” Edmonds said. “She walks around with dark shades … She even sleeps in dark shades. I really believe there is something mentally wrong with Frankea,” Edmonds told the Daily News on Tuesday.

“She really needs help. It’s not like she just abandoned the baby … Me personally, I think the child is looking for help.”

However, Dabbs’ aunt is not the only person who thinks she needs help, her father also agreed.

“She’s been though a lot. Her boyfriend got killed. Her stepdad threw her out. It’s just sad.”

According to the Daily News, Dabbs was charged with abandonment of Mylanea Love Edmond and acting in a manner injurious to a child under the age of 17, police said.


Sherley Boursiquot— @sherleybee_