With Violence soaring between Israel and Palestine, the security of the entire area is a risk for travelers

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With the violence in Israel rising daily as of late, missile fire is being traded back and forth between Israel and Palestine at staggering rates.  No civilian seems to be able to escape violence coming from all sides, and shrapnel is landing all over the heavily populated area.

At the center of it all, is the death of a Palestinian teen, Mohammed Abu Khudair, a 16 year old who was abducted and killed last week in Jerusalem.  This prompted extreme riots by Palestinians, a new wave of violence against Israel, and even the caught-on-camera beating of Khudair’s American cousin by Israeli police that had him in custody on July 6th.


Monday evening, particles of “defense missiles” fell onto a German cruise ship, the AIDA Diva, according to the ships owner.  The ship was docked in the port of Ashdod, near the Gaza strip where the Israeli army is launching a defensive against missile attacks that have come from the area.

None of the ships 2700 passengers and crew were hurt in the incident, and the ship was not harmed.  The vessel was underway after the shrapnel was secured.

AIDA Cruises is owned by Carnivals’ Costa Cruises

-Curt Cramer (@CurtisRemarc)