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Cross the pond, as we take a listen to UK artist Kwabs



In the midst of his UK tour, a recent Wirless Fest performance and a brief appearance in Croatia, Kwabs, who will be performing alongside the likes of Plan B and Arcade Fire, is a producer and former Jazz student from London. Ghanaian born, Kwabs has been in ear shot of many for  a while, however, it was his live performance on ‘A Night with Jools Holland’ that sparked and mesmerized a captivated audience.

Kwabs has not only gained recognition from fans, but he has received praise from those that rose before him. Talented artists such as India Arie and others in the industry alike have made their acknowledgments to this up-and-coming act.

Scenes of London act as an authentically chilling background to a candid video for his track ‘Wrong or Right.’ Dance moves, so interpretive you could watch the video in silence, only serve to enhance the vocal recognition this artist deserves.

Kwabs, Signed to Atlantic Records, will be one to watch out for in the near future. If you like what you see check out his awesome take of James Blake‘s “The Wilhelm Scream” and more of his material HERE.

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