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In the past few weeks, Curren$y has released an unprecedented amount of videos for fans to enjoy—easily approaching a full ten. Today, The Source gets the opportunity to premiere his latest, for the laid back track “House Shoes”. While the record details his ability to stunt with ease, even in his comfort clothes, the visuals provides a clear example of the hard work that is needed to reach his level of respect and stardom.

It is completely stripped down, only depicting his life in the studio and his recording habits. For majority of the three and half minute experience, there are no bright colors, it’s  just black and white. However, the fatigue and pure determination on Curren$y’s face and given off in his body language give the video life. You can tell that this is his passion, as he continues to push through all of his annoying mistakes to finally lay down the track.


Spitta isn’t alone in the studio, as producer Thelonious Martin joins in on the fun. Viewers get to see some of his process as well, even though his cameo is rather brief. The two make a dynamic duo, having successfully worked on a number of cuts from Curren$y’s Drive In Theater mixtape. Martin’s signature jazzy flair is present, which fits the Jet Life pilot’s style perfectly. It’s cool to see the pair working together in this capacity once more.

Check out the video above and get inspired to work for what you want. You can’t just hop out a Bentley in your house shoes by just dreaming.


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