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Puff Puff Pass

Marijuana laws and legality has been all over the media cycle lately thanks to the recent legalization of medical marijuana in New York state as well as  recreational use becoming legal in Washington state on July 1st.  Colorado has now had full Marijuana freedom since January of this year and as a result it’s residents may be getting a little cocky.

Last night President Barack Obama made a stop at Denver restaurant and pool hall; while there a local man daringly asked the 44th president of the United States ” do you wanna hit this” in reference to a joint he was apparently holding.  The ever composed Obama laughed it off and kept it moving, none the less the incident was quite entertaining.  It begs the question, what would have happened had he hit it?  It is legal after all…


The clip is originally from Instagram user Manton89

Spencer has not yet been to Colorado since weed has been legal, or has he and he just doesnt remember?  Follow him on Twitter – @Sjeezs