This one has got to hurt

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In the name of putting the team before yourself and extreme selflessness, Javier Mascherano is a hero. But in the name of pain and worrying about one’s own body, he’s hurting right now. In a heroic attempt to stop a Dutch player from having free reign to run around in the box and attempting a shot on goal in the tense semi-final match of the World Cup, Mascherano attempted a daring sliding challenge–had he come up short or over-pursued, the Dutch player would have been awarded a penalty kick–and was successful. What appeared to be a promising opportunity for The Netherlands to score and break a 0-0 tie turned into an empty possession. However, Mascherano suffered what sounds like an immensely painful injury in the process.

A torn anus.


No word on whether or not this will keep Mascherano out of the World Cup Final, which is on Sunday, but should Argentina pull through against Germany, that’ll be looked back on as one hell of a play.

I tore the anus that play, so the pain..

That was Javier during his post-match conference. Ouch.